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JMP® Statistical Software

 We are big fans of JMP® statistical software as it offers better value to our clients.

The software can explore data and communicate results in a dynamic and visual way that completely demystifies data analysis.

The powerful statistic tools, linked to interactive graphics, allow you to rapidly:

  • Extract and manipulate data
  • Find relationships
  • Build models
  • Design experiments
  • Build dashboards
  • Generate reports



Make better decisions faster

Drag and Drop interface gives you rapid data visualisation, which demystifies the maths behind the stats.
Easy to use and powerful modelling allows you to simulate and run ‘what if’ analyses.
Maximise the business value of your data: 

  • Analytical productivity doubled
  • Easy to train
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
Data-Analysis and Statistical Problem Solving with JMP® is module #2 of our Open Training Programme, click here to view course dates.
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“This is a really excellent course. Practical and can be immediately applied. Using JMP takes out the difficult theoretical calculations and simplifies the analysis”

Ross Kennedy, Engineer, Smartkem
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“Excellent, illuminating & informative”

Graham Ballantyne, Engineer, Smartkem
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“Brilliant Facilitator for his direction and depth of knowledge”

Jesse Opoku, Engineer, Smartkem
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“Very good, very useful. Perfect level for both beginners to stats and, it seems, the more initiated to JMP”

Katy Ainsworth, Smartkem
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“I haven’t used JMP before, but after this course it will be very easy for me”

Bartosz, Smartkem
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JMP® is easily integrated with a company’s data infrastructure and gives you full flexibility.

It uses the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) interface. A connection can be made from JMP® to any database for which you have access (e.g. connectivity and permissions) such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Microsoft Excel, etc.
For more information on JMP®please visit their website.