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Our coaching and mentoring support works at different levels

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Coaching, Mentoring and People Development

We support our clients planning, leading and delivering of improvement programmes and projects.
We are thought partners for leaders who want to test new ideas and mentors for those who seek to tap into our wealth of practical industry experience.
For programme and project leaders we are coaching partners helping them to successfully apply their growing skills in practice and deliver results.

Making Meetings Matter

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Why coaching and mentoring are so important

Most capability development programmes in support of CI and opex initiatives focus on developing technical skills and largely neglect the nurturing of people and change skills.

However the soft stuff is the hard stuff!

We combine our classroom based technical training with on the job coaching and mentoring and invaluable ‘soft skills’ programmes. Like all our capability development programmes we focus on practical application of theories and concepts enabling our clients achieve rapid results and to avoid common pitfalls.

  Coaching, Mentoring and People Development  
Project Coaching and Mentoring Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Sponsor / Champion Development Team Development
'Belts', supplementing the 'classroom' training to support rapid and effective delivery of improvement projects back in the workplace MBB's, Opex and Change Leaders to support them in their effective delivery of tangible and sustainable results across the business Project Sponsors to support them in their Sponsor / Champion role Change Agents and project teams to develop highly effective team working, stakeholder management and facilitation skills

Skills transfer is rapidly accelerated by post training coaching and mentoring support to enable successful delivery of first projects.

Training is essential for developing initial skills and knowledge but the practical business application and development of enhanced capabilities happens outside the training room. We can then shift the focus towards the needs of the individual and specific project challenges. We take the generic tools and concepts beyond the scope of training and guide project leaders towards successful project completion, reduce risk of failure and offer reassurance to the organisation that improvement efforts will succeed.

Our experience suggests that Project coaching and mentoring can accelerate project and benefits delivery by over 30%. Also this embeds the learning helping belts tackle future projects much more effectively.

Leadership coaching is a powerful tool for any leader but specifically for change leaders driving operational excellence and business improvement programmes. Our leadership coaching and mentoring support offers business change leaders a targeted space for reflection and challenging conversations that enable stepping back and seeing challenges more clearly, developing new and creative ways to overcome obstacles and make sound and timely business decisions. Our coaching and mentoring programmes provide space for developing new leadership strategies and skills utilizing feedback and personality profiling and behavioural assessment tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DISC. Leadership coaching is often integrated into our bespoke capability development solutions and is highly recommended for Opex, CI Programme and Change Leaders as well as aspiring Master Blackbelts.

Sponsors and champions play a critical role in Lean Six Sigma programmes and projects.
They should take an active role in pulling the programme and projects forward. They should participate in the reviews, help the team overcome roadblocks, secure the required resources and keep the team focused on the desired results. They also help spread the message and are a leading player for effective communication with the business.
In order to fulfill this role effectively they must know what questions to ask at what time and also grow their leadership skills in the context of CI and Opex.
Our sponsor and champion development programmes give leaders the insight, knowledge, and practical tools to help them do that well.

Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma initiatives are team based activities focused on actively involving a broad range of stakeholders to deliver sustained changes. The ability to quickly build an effective team and facilitate collaborative working and group decision making are all vital ingredients of a successful project leader.
Our soft skills and team development programmes help project leaders and teams to better understand their own working styles and how to recognize and appreciate diversity. They develop a broader range of engagement skills and the ability to flex their style to the people they are engaging with. This results in faster results and a much greater impact on the organisation as a whole.