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At Process Insight we help organisations design and implement their OpEx programme

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The success rate of Lean projects is relatively high. However fully embedding a Lean Culture in an organisation is not so easy.

A full Lean Transformation requires behavioural change at all levels of the organisation – not just the operators but also at team leader, supervisor and manager level.

This will not happen unless:

  1. Leadership are fully committed for a long haul and
  2. a comprehensive Lean Management System is implemented as an integral part of the transformation.

This is often overlooked and is one of the most common reasons why Lean initiatives fail to deliver their full potential.

At Process Insight we help organisations design and implement their Lean programme.

We have a proven approach to implementing a Lean Management System which is focused on 4 interlocking areas.

We work closely with the leadership to make sure their ambitions are supported by a credible plan realistic and that they understand their role in supporting the transformation.

Leader Standard Work Visual Controls
Lean Management System
Process Confirmation and Discipline Daily Management and Review

The Process Insight Performance Management System

Do you want to engage everyone in OpEx through their daily activities? At the moment does it feel more “‘OpEx push’ than ‘business pull’? Would you like to be in an organisation in which:

  • All functions pull towards a common goal?
  • Rapid and effective decision making takes place?
  • All levels routinely ask “Am I set up for success?”
  • Leaders at all levels free up time to become more effective at managing performance?
  • Problems get solved quickly and effectively?

 Sustainable and successful OpeEx requires:

  • Clear business direction to ensure effort is focussed on the right things
  • Effective delivery of improvements
  • A culture of problem-solving and continuous improvement

Our Performance Management System delivers:

  • Top-to-bottom alignment on direction and priorities
  • Visible performance measures aligned across the business
  • Decision-making and accountability driven to the right level
  • Effective problem solving with Leaders as coach
You may already have elements of our Performance Management System in place. We start by taking a look at what you have in order to increase its effectiveness and standardise it across your business We work with you to co-create an implementation roadmap which integrates our Performance Management System with other aspects of your OpEx deployment. We use a ‘Train, Coach and Verify Approach’. We develop coaches and facilitators across the organisation to ensure sustainability. Our training and coaching is very practical – our training workshops are focussed on co-creating the right solution for your business.

The training is focussed at all levels in the organisation from Business Leadership down. At each level we teach you how to:

  • Identify the value-added activities of each role
  • Define the leader standard work and routines
  • Define the key metrics
  • Build the top-to-bottom metrics cascade
  • Design the hierarchy of tier meetings and escalation processes

We support implementation with ‘one on few’ coaching to ensure the performance management system is effectively implemented at all levels.

Verification at typically 30/60/90 days allows us to help you identify and address any issues preventing the effective and sustainable transition from the old way to the new way of working.

Performance Management System

Download our Performance Management System flyer for more information.

How does it work?

We can help you implement the three integrated elements of our Performance Management system to ensure it is fully embedded as a routine within your ‘Business As Usual’ processes.

Leader Standard Work

  • Leaders unclutter diaries to enable focus on important issues
  • Redesigning jobs to ensure every one spends time on the right things
  • Standardized action lists to execute critical tasks
  • Clear routines to follow at all levels
  • Leaders spend time on coaching rather than directing

Tier Management and Review

  • A hierarchy of tier meetings, metrics, escalations
  • Faster & more effective decision making
    Clear accountability for actions and delivery Visual Performance Management
  • Clear and relevant performance measures
  • Cascade of Metrics: business strategy to shop floor
  • Clear response plans

Your commitment and your payback

Successful implementation of our Performance Management System requires a big commitment. The payback is enormous, but it requires a significant investment in time and energy from business leadership downwards. Above all it will demand changes in personal behaviour and ways of working for everyone (especially leaders). Like any significant change this will initially be uncomfortable for many, but with persistence the rewards will be delivered.

Ask yourself...

  • Do I need to increase the business pull for OpEx improvement?
  • Do I need to better sustain the operational gains?
  • Does my business spend too much time reacting rather than proactively managing future performance?
  • Would we benefit from having leaders that coach and teach rather than direct and firefight?
If so, our Performance Management System can help – contact us to find out how.